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We got your back against counterfeit and substandard power solutions!

We got your back against counterfeit and substandard power solutions!

Battery Cell Activation

Semi-Automated authentication process grabs your product’s serial number and match it to our database. Once authenticated the product will be activated and user is provided with birth date.

Battery Health Check

Continuously monitor product health and monitor number of charge cycles left.

Battery Power Balance

Performs a series of discharging and charging cycles on your device to reset power balance. Increases battery efficiency and life expectancy.

Battery Alert

24/7 Monitoring of product temperature. Notifies XPAL and user when product reaches an abnormally high temperature.

Firmware Fix Reset

Remotely reset, reload, or upgrade firmware of all XPAL products.

XPAL Recycled

Authorized Battery Recycling Centers will take your OLD product and recycle it properly and, with certain models, will offer you a new battery cell replacement at a fraction of the cost of a new unit

XPAL Customer Service

Provided after sales end user assistance troubleshooting, technical support, warranty processing. All resulting customer satisfaction and retention. Let our dedicated staff answer your questions and help you make the most out of your unique experience with XPAL Power.

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Tip Finder

Provides product and device connectivity assurance at time of purchase and in future.



Provides easy match making service to help consumers find compatible XPAL power product with most CE device.